marmalade, part 2

I didn’t really understand that marmalade is weekend project. Sort of like that Julia Child croissant recipe that advises you to start 2 days before you intend to eat them. Since I hadn’t actually set aside more than a couple hours, my two batches of marmalade took three days.

Haven’t tried the Seville one yet. It’s carefully laid away in six shining jars. (Hopefully I can find homes for several of them.) But the blood orange one was delicious. I used this recipe, and added a bag of half the pips from the Seville batch to make sure it set. Last night some buddies came over for drinks and we paired some cheese from Neal’s Yard with it. It took a lot of effort not to knock people away from the glorious Tunworth.

When I make a second batch of this marmalade, next time the blood orange season comes to town, I’ll cut the rind much smaller. It is probably swollen from the poorly planned two day soak in the fridge but this ended up as chunks of fruit covered in a bit of jelly instead of peel suspended. Fine for cheese & crackers but I suspect it will be very awkward on toast. The vanilla really lifts it.



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