marmalade, part 1

Of course as soon as I wrote the last entry I remembered another project that I really wanted to do. But I’m going to leave the list as it is, especially since I haven’t gotten any farther and January is almost done.

Today was the first day home alone without work, builders, or the man. It seems easy to fill the days because I only got halfway through my list. Well, let’s be honest, I sat around with the man until he left for work and I watched a movie. But I also got the recycling together, bagged up most of the rubbish left behind by the builders, cleaned up the hall, registered the boiler, did two batches of laundry, and started the latest distraction.


When I ordered a kilo of Sevilles to be delivered with the veg box and a bag of blood oranges, I didn’t realise that I was signing myself up to a two day project. It was nice and calming to stand in the kitchen.

blood orange marmalade


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