the 2014 plan

So I’m been mulling over what to do here for 2014. Last year, although I didn’t quite hit my twelve finished projects goal, I got my life refocused. Now it’s a little less reading on the train and a little more carry-through. This year I’ve decided to give myself so specific tasks, instead of the willy nilly motivation of 2013. I am also going to give myself starter goals instead of attempting perfection.

Here’s the plan:

I’ve been ogling the Stencil Library for a couple years now, dreaming up little projects for myself. Sadly I settled on a plan for this week on cupboard doors that I didn’t realise the builders were going to need to rip out. Back to the drawing board…

Barbie dress
I was just telling my ma on the phone today about all these bits of lace that I have been hoarding. But I don’t think I mentioned what an amazing gift she gave me as a child when she passed along her old Barbie and all the clothes she made. I have been dreaming of flapper dresses. Let’s start with a goal of making one, shall we?

Novel 2nd draft
When I got to the end of my first draft of the novel, I was gutted by how short it was. Too short to polish up, it needed a lot of work. Besides, getting to the end meant that I reached the end of my support group aka the guinea pigs I emailed each instalment. Was easy to brush under the rug and not think about. But I’m ready to pick the baton back up.

Sew something (geez louise, anything!)
It is embarrassing how long my sewing machine has been unloved.

Make some rather good éclairs
Last year was all about perfection. For these, I just want to make some good ones and then wander off into the winding garden path of flavour combos.

Use up the wreath materials
After the joy of making the Peach wreath, I had plans and ordered some supplies off the internet. I don’t want to revert to being that girl who has a stash of crafty supplies with a vague plan. So i want to empty that box. Sure, I’ll fill it up again. But I’m going to have to use it up before I get more. Talk about a new leaf!

Find a new perfume

Ever since I stopped wearing Paco Rabonne’s Calandre, I’ve struggled to find a perfume that feels right for a signature fragrance. It’s true that I’m not that young girl that I used to be, but sometimes I regret turning my back on something that fit me so well. (Except that I used to break off the metal fitting so that I approved of the bottle.) In fact, twice I’ve settled on something to later realise they remind me of Calandre. Recently I thought I found the perfect scent at Tom Ford and then watched the man reel backwards in alarm. It turns out he’s allergic to patchouli. Oof.

Make it through a bikram class
Although I’ve finally gotten the stiches out, I still haven’t been cleared to go back to yoga for a while. Between that, the ankle, and being a bit of a wuss; I haven’t made it through an entire class without sitting down once. That’s my favourite goal for this year. If I can get that far, I know it’s going to be giving me a lot back.

Get my driver’s license
Talking about the stitches, on Thursday I took two buses to the dr to get them out then a bus to a different hospital for a test then two buses back home. In the rain. It took hours and seemed ridiculous for someone who actually knows how to drive. Could have driven on my passport a bit longer than the legal six month limit but it would be hard to convince a cop that it had just slipped my mind nice years later, no?

Of course there will be a fair amount of distraction by food along the way. And tomorrow I’m going to the Wildlife Photographer exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Whoot!


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