I have been bitten by the wreath bug.  Would be very happy to have a different wreath on the door for each change of the season, but the husband is uncomfortable with them.  Apparently they’re all about death.  Unless it’s Christmas of course.

So I took a friend’s birthday as opportunity to make a wreath.  A willow base, felt leaves, and needle-felted fruit.  At the last minute I panicked that she might feel the same as the man, a she did!  So feverishly I tried to glam it up into Christmas with some sparkly red ribbon and sprays of tiny silver baubles.   It’s amazing what a different a bit of glitter can make.

peach wreath

Her birthday party was a lovely affair at Uyen Luu’s supper club.  A convivial atmosphere with seven meandering courses of tasty Vietnamese fare.   Everything was very fresh and delicate with lashing of coriander.   (Luckily the man wasn’t there.  He hates coriander even more than wreathes.)   There were spring rolls, noodle salads, crispy pork, and a light broth soup.  My very favourite were tangy little rolls of beef, which luckily she has the recipe for on her site.  I’m going to try and recreate them next weekend.


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