dancing & pancakes

A weekend in Brighton is always an adventure.  I can count on dancing, meeting interesting people, staying up too late, followed by day of meandering walks, good conversation, and tasty eats.  (Sometimes I want to crawl into my cousin’s life and steal her friends…)

Last weekend was an excellent time at Balkan Beat Box followed by more dancing at the after party.  And then we went with the family to the ever lovely Seven Bees.  Now folks, they’re moving so I’m a little worried about our morning after fare in the visits to come.  I’m confident that the Seven Bees breakfast is the best in to be bought in England.

Once we had our fill of farm fresh eggs, local sourced meat (with tasty veggie options for the others), and foraged mushrooms; we decided to see if the American pancakes were really up to our standards.  As soon as I realised that he was pouring melted butter into a rested batter, I knew that we were on our way.  Delicious.

Currently at 7b Ship Street Gardens

mary bb 200


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