enter the dark

Ever since we re-painted our bedroom, I have been meaning to get new curtains to complement the new mocha colour.  I spent hours and hours finding a tweed with the same brown running through it.  And then, of course, I lost the sample.

Meanwhile the people in the house behind us invested in some crazy super bright light for their garage.  For a while it was motion-sensored, so that every random fox and night prowling cat set off a glaring light.  Then they decided to just leave it on all the time.  (Nice.)

For once my procrastination has helped us out.  Enter black-out curtains.

Now, instead of my usual lying  in bed and thinking of all the things I should have done that day, I admire the new curtains for a few minutes before giving in to the darkness.

So now, enter sleep.

mary bb 202



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