out of practice

It’s been ages since I’ve been in the macaron kitchen.  And boy, oh boy, am I out of practice!

On a recommendation from my brother, I have been keeping an eye on a baking blog.  The post about the super adorable bee macaroons had a step by step that alerted me to something I’ve been missing.  So I swaggered into the kitchen figuring that I would conquer the last step and knock macaroons off the project list.

But no.  I poured the syrup too slowly and it cooled, I made the batter too wet and it put it in before it was dry so they cracked, and I selected a weird combination of flavours that I thought would taste like a chocolate cranberry cheesecake.

We’re not off the list yet.

But thanks to Cake Crumbs, I’ve finally got the right shape and no longer puffed up like little acorns…

Kingston upon Thames-20130826-01022


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