broccoli slaw

I have been trying to jazz up the lunchbox recently.  Not only do I need to get some more vegetables into my life but left to my own devices at work, I seem to only buy lunches that revolve around molten cheese.  So this weekend I prowled through the cookbook shelf for something to transform the veg box into a decadent side salad.

Now what I ended up making used exactly zero ingredients from my already chocka crisper drawer.  And I was sceptical about it.  She, of the illustrious Smitten Kitchen, talks about hovering up an entire bowlful.  I mean, who exactly eats a family sized serving of raw broccoli?  Um…I do.  This stuff is DELICIOUS.   (No ma, I’m not pregnant.)

You should totally make this.  Really.  Marinating the raw broccoli in the buttermilk transforms it into something all together more heavenly.  Which remind me, I need to rustle up another batch…


Added bonus here


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