Usually I take a big stack of books with me when I go on holiday, but I meant to go all Kindle stylie in Barcelona.  That fell through and I quickly ran through the three books I had.  Luckily I had this handy book of crosswords tucked into the suitcase as well.  I have been carrying them abroad for the last couple years but never seem to get to them.  My procrastination finally paid off!

And actually I have been meaning to introduce brain teasers into my life for a while.  My sedate lifestyle seems to me making me mentally dull (as well as expanding ye old waistline).  My job has become a bit repetitive so I have been meaning to introduce something to force me into thinking.  Crosswords were great starter kit.

When I was given that book, I was also given a couple other types including some Sudoku.  Plus side is that know I’m keeping a book in my commuter bag and doing some brain teasing for at least part of every day on the commute.  Downside is that my parents think I’m a lot smarter than I am and gave me starter level of HARD.  Monday I spent a 35 minute train ride and only got two squares filled out.  I really wanted to reassure the guy next to me that I wasn’t a total muppet…

Kingston upon Thames-20130723-00986


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