Today is another ankle rest day.  So I took the opportunity to get out my Neal’s Yard book, a pressie from the man.  In the back is a whole section of recipes, both food and cosmetics. I have been eager to try the bath bombs.  Ordered everything I needed for two scents, both ‘exotic’ & ‘sunshine’.  Whoot!

It was pretty simple to put them together.  Except that I couldn’t actually make it work.  First I worked the mixture into an ice cube tray.  I had a lovely image of little heart shaped bombs, dotted with rose petals.  But no matter how much I pressed them down, I ended up with little piles of powder getting them out again.  So then I tried to make balls.  Same problem.  They recommend using tinfoil to hand form, so I did that.  And now I have funny metal twists of bath powder.  Planned on sending them off to peeps in the mail but I don’t fancy sending packets of white powder through US customs, ha ha.

On the plus side, they smell great!  And my hands felt amazing after trying to get them into purty shapes.  Will letcha know how they work…

UPDATE:  They work!  Not pretty, but they fizz & the bath was fragrantly oiled.  Just need a prettier bomb now.

exotic bomb



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