roasting radishes

Oooo, the ladies at Spoon Fork Bacon were right.  Roasted radishes are delicious!

I hadn’t eaten a radish in years.  Not since I was a kid and thought they were vile.  But last time I was at Ottolenghi, there were some thin slices in my salad.  I ate one but accident and was delighted to find that there now pretty nice.  So I added them into the veg box selection.  But there’s a big different between slicing up one and having a big bunch clogging up the vegetable drawer in the fridge.

Didn’t have a lemon to follow suggestion but there was a sad looking box of leftover boiled new potatoes.  So last night I piled them in with the radishes, a healthy glug of olive oil, salt, and pepper and then popped them in the oven for the same cooking time as a chicken kievs (200◦ for 20 minutes).  And voila! a lovely little side dish.

As promised they are a bit like a turnip.  Only with a bit more oomph.


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