weed wrangling

Our garden has been long neglected. We have two small strips on either face of the house.   In the front is a narrow patch of flowers and an aging wooden shed. Or at least there was a shed.  Some time ago (more then I’d like to admit), our neighbour had a leak in his water pipes which necessitated pulling up most of the front yard and caused the death of the shed.  Since then the front garden has been a bit of a halfway house, the rambling rose pulled over to the side and a gawping corner.  Grass thrives on inattention.  We never used to have a problem with grass but now, taking advantage of our eyes squeezed shut as we walk by, it has rooted in and is trying to take over.  The bleeding heart has valiantly pushed through.  The backyard was our pride and joy with a big teak table, a bbq, and masses of honeysuckle.  But it needs a lot of attention.  The bbq is rusting and the honeysuckle has made a bolt of freedom into the neighbour’s patch.  This year many of the pots exploded with frost.

It’s already May and we need to take it in hand: to have somewhere nice to sit and to stop embarrassing the neighbours.  So we popped off to the garden centre.  I could spend the entire morning there, spend my whole paycheque, and fill the card with a riot of green leaves.  The man makes no effort to rein me in, he just waits until I loosen the ties of fantasy and walk away from the flowering shrubs.  He even chatted with me while I sat in the most beautiful pale blue cast iron chair and dreamed of a front garden where nobody stole building materials during our renovations.

Admittedly I have started with the easy job.  The back yard is easier, even though there is just as much work.  Maybe that’s because it gives more of a reward.  The Japanese maple has been freed from the honeysuckle, the quince’s trellis is righted, and the exploded flowerpots have been gathered and emptied.  We have a nice little hanging basket of alpines behind the apple tree and the patio is virtually weed free.  A splash of colour here & there.

Tomorrow, the serious battle begins…



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