the truscott arms

The thing I really want to highlight about the Truscott Arms is the service.  This was certainly the best waitress service I’ve had in a while and might rank up there in the top realm of my London experiences.  Having lived for so long in New York City, where the customer is always right and the restaurant livelihood is dependant on word-of-mouth recommendations; I often find service a bit lacking in London.  Maybe I’m a bit needy with my expectations of attention, but let’s pretend I’m prefect ok?  Our waitress found the delicate balance between being friendly and leaving us alone (with quickly filled drinks) when we chatting instead of ordering.  And nice, she was just plain nice.

We’d ended up there because of a Groupon deal for English wagyū style burgers.  A couple of us from work have been on the quest to find a good, convenient beef joint since our wallets can’t live up to a fortnightly trip to Hawksmoor.  This was step away from our usual steak order but hey, a deal is just an excuse to try somewhere new.  And a burger is a happy, happy place to be.  It was good.  Well, over spiced really but easy to ignore that because I can eat entire handfuls of dried thyme.  We’d accidently been seated upstairs in the restaurant so now that we know, next time we’ll go back and split the Chateaubriand.

Somehow we ended up being just three, two beef hunters and my long-lost Aunt.  This was a lovely place to sit around and chat, lingering over pints of Camden Town.  The room is serene with delicately moulded pale grey panels, large windows, and a nice sense of space.

If only I wasn’t allergic to the woollen booths and it wasn’t miles away, we’d consider this our after work local.

The Truscott Arms, 55 Shirland Rd, Maida Vale, London W9 2JD


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