the boy likes lemon

Did I tell you that the man only gave those tasty cinnamon rolls a meagre 6 out of 10!?  He’s a conservative scorer, but that seems a little harsh.  Convinced that the dough was a winner, I set out to find a flavour variation that would make him happy.

Maple syrup seemed like a good idea but ended up a leaking disaster.  And he’s not the target audience for my fantasy chai hybrid.  So I took stock of the kitchen.  There is a wide bowl on the coffeemaker full of ingredients for the macaroon experiment; packets of ground almonds, 100% chocolate, and extra big bag of icing sugar.  And a jar of lemon curd.

The macaroon project has gone quiet (no luxury of three hours in the kitchen during the Christmas season) so I felt no guilt in robbing the nest.  Popped open the jar.  After rolling out a handful of dough from the rest of the batch hibernating in the fridge, I slathered on some lemon goodness and rolled it up.  Left to proof until the man was due back from the pub.  Then baked and topped with a tangy icing of lemon juice and icing sugar.

Success!  The Man awards 9/10.

great for brunch!

Iced lemon rolls

Cinnamon roll dough, Jar of lemon curd, 2 T melted butter

Follow the directions for making a ¼ batch of Pioneer Woman’s tasty cinnamon rolls through to rolling out step.

Spread the dough with 5 heaping teaspoons of lemon curd, using the back of the spoon to drag to the edges.

Roll the dough tightly towards you.

Cut the dough into 10 equal slices.

Pour 2 tablespoon of melted butter into your baking dishes.  (Use whatever combination of containers you want based on if you’re going to give any of these honeys to your friends.  The 10 will fit in one large pie plate, evenly spaced.)

Bake at 375°F/190°C for 15 minutes, or until golden brown.

Take out the cinnamon rolls and let rest for a moment while you make the icing.

Into a small bowl, sift 6 tablespoons of icing sugar.

Add lemon juice, starting with one tablespoon and then a teaspoon at a time, stirring with a fork until you get a thickly running consistency like pancake batter.

While rolls are still warm, pour on the glaze.

Eat warm or cooled.  Yum.


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