in quest of greatness

Sometimes I bake with my buddy Peaches.  Last month we watched ‘Weird Science’ while a batch of Joy the Baker’s chai cinnamon rolls proofed.  Laughter and spice warmed a cold day until a Saturday afternoon became a vacation.

The rolls were very good.  Not quite risen enough (running out of time, we set them aside for the morning) but I blame my fridge that chose that moment to freeze a drawer full of lettuce.  The husband wasn’t keen but that just meant more ginger goodness for me.

Oddly, they started a desire for a different kind of cinnamon roll – something else elegant, the junk food version.  I pulled out a recipe that I have been meaning to make for years now, Pioneer Woman’s rolls.  Feeling ungracious to cut the recipe into an eighth and unable to summon the energy to carry cartons around to dozens of friends; this little number gathered cyber dust.  I was waiting for a time of wicker baskets, of May Day, and a wolf-less Red Riding Hood.

In the interest of starting, I embraced compromise.  So instead of cute packaging I pulled some Costco foil takeaway containers from the depth of the cupboard and texted 3 friends to arrange bun drop-offs.  On Thursday night I left work on time, went straight home, and got to work.  The dough proofed while we ate dinner.  I quickly rolled and placed in the containers with Grey’s Anatomy on pause…

The next morning I got up without hitting the snooze and baked.  Eaten fresh from the oven with one eye on the clock, one foot in the shower; these are eye wateringly sweet.  But by drop-off time they had mellowed into soft, smooth dough with a bewitching icing.

The best thing is the smell!  These puppies are worth making just to watch your friends inhale greedily.

     maple glazed c roll

For taste, I missed that ginger heat from the chai rolls.  Ut oh, I think this just morphed into a find the best cinnamon roll project…


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